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Sizzy Rocket unveils the official music video for “Spill My Guts,” one of the new singles from the ANARCHY album.Directed by Dorian Tocker, the “Spill My Guts” music video sees Sizzy at her most vulnerable. In contrast to the fast-paced “THAT BITCH” and “Smells Like Sex” videos — which were also directed by Tocker — “Spill My Guts” invites us to see a more somber and intimate side of Sizzy Rocket. 

Listen to ‘ANARCHY’:

Watch “Spill My Guts” Music Video:

Inspired by the idea of spilling one’s guts, both literally and figuratively, Tocker juxtaposes the dainty and grotesque throughout the video, creating a captivating visual paradox. “I came across something called Hanahaki Disease, where flowers grow in your organs when you experience unrequited love, and ultimately you throw them up,” Tocker writes. “I called Sizzy to explain: ‘I think in the video you’re masturbating, pining for someone, and in the end you cum flowers from your mouth.’ All she said was, ‘That’s the best thing you’ve ever said to me.’”

Sizzy Rocket recently released her highly anticipated third studio album, ANARCHY.The 10-track record was released on September 25th and has already been praised as “an in-your-face sucker punch that captures the swinging pendulum of heartbreak” (PAPER) and “a rebellious collection of pop/punk/grunge/hip-hop/genre-blending tracks” (PRIDE). 

Since her 2016 debut album THRILLSSizzy has built up a rabid online fanbase. Over the past few years she has continued to deliver beloved records, like her 2017 mixtape, Hot Summerand her 2019 sophomore album, GRRRL, the latter of which was supported with a sold-out US tour. When she’s not writing her next hit record, Sizzy is trading fan mail with her cult, building her independent record label Lost Chrrry, designing and packaging her own merchandise, creating and distributing zines, and booking her own tours. Sizzy challenges what it means to be a pop artist in 2020. Rather than holding herself to a rigid set of standards, she constantly pushes the limits of her own musicality and creativity, ruthlessly coloring outside the lines in the process.

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