Vox Rea releases beautiful new single ‘Dose Me Up’ out today!

Vox Rea touch on leaving your childhood behind in their new single, 'Dose  Me Up' • Eat This Music

With a sound as impulsive and fluctuating as the life of the 20-somethings they are, Vox Rea’s special brand of noir pop blends strings arrangements and harmonies into the dreamy collection of songs on their self-titled debut. 

Stream “Dose Me Up” now:

Dose Me Up” is the first release in a new era. The band formerly known as The Katherines has added Berklee-alum Mitchell Schaumberg to their trio and changed their name to Vox Rea. The new single was written by sisters Kate and Lauren Kurdyak and marks an evolution in the band’s sound. 

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