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MØME & RICKY DUCATI return with disco-infused bop ‘They Said’

Drop effervescent 80s inspired jam ‘They Said’ due 16th October

Taken from new album ‘Flashback FM’ due early 2021

Rising French producer Møme (Jérémy Souillart) and prolific L.A.-based Canadian Ricky Ducati (Midnight to Monaco) return with a retro-futuristic disco bop ‘They Said’, following on from their summer pop hit ‘Got It Made’, lifted from the duo’s forthcoming debut album ‘Flashback FM’ due early 2021. Ducati featured on Møme’s 2018 hit ‘Sail Away’, lauded by Billboard as ‘inspirational and upbeat’, the pair’s symbiotic chemistry was hard to ignore.

Watch live studio session here:

They say: “We’re living in a time where there’s much to stand up and fight for. ‘They Said’ is about always holding true to what you love and believe in. We’ve all encountered situations in life where we’ve been faced with the decision of whether to leave things be or stand up. This song is about that moment, about the decision to be courageous in pursuit of those things we care most deeply for, even if it means standing up to those in power : it’s encapsulated in the lines ‘You want to tell me that I’m not enough — that’s enough.’. It’s about being part of something greater than yourself, part of a movement. This track means a lot to us, it was composed in moment of reflections walking the streets of Silverlake.”

Drawing on a myriad on influences from disco, soul, RnB and pop, ‘Flashback FM’ is a homage to the past, a glorious kaleidoscopic trip back in time through the halcyon musical lineage of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 

Music for Jérémy is a passion that nourishes his ambition to produce. After making it big with his hit “Aloha” (more than 200 million streams, triple diamond), the artist gained a following both in France and internationally with his first album “Panorama” (gold record) released in 2016. He then went on to release several EPs written during his travels and played in numerous concerts around the world, performing live at most of the major French music festivals, culminating in a show at the Olympia and several more at the Cigale in Paris.

‘Flashback FM’ is new direction for Møme, artistically speaking. It is more personal and timeless, a project that is a good deal warmer than what he has done so far. This time, it’s the sun of the City Of Angels and its many inspirations (Kraftwerk, Alan Parsons Project), which acts as the impetus behind his trip to the past with ‘Flashback FM’, an imaginary radio station – and perhaps an (in)voluntary wink at Flash FM, the famous radio from GTA Vice City, full of West Coast hits – perfectly matching the very special atmosphere of Los Angeles. A trip taken with Ricky Ducati (whose personal project Midnight to Monaco was managed by Future Classic, an Australian label based in L.A.) who has lived in the city for over ten years. The Canadian singer Ricky Ducati became known as the voice behind the group, whose singles caught the eye of Billboard, The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland and Vice.

Ricky’s love for the French Touch and filtered house, also takes inspiration from Barry Gibb, Brian Wilson and Jeff Lynne. As it is often the case these days, the two young men met first on the net. Five years ago, they slowly discovered each other’s work on Soundcloud. This was followed by two 100% digital collaborations, including the hit ‘Sail Away’ (2018), a certified gold with 15 million streams worldwide. The rest of their story is now taking place in the real world.

Attracted by the imperfect music of an era when the computer had not yet taken over, the Franco-Canadian duo sees ‘Flashback FM’ as a living, old-school album with an unabashedly modern sound. A collection of various electronic tunes, with an eye on the rearview mirror while continuing to speed straight ahead.

With its Daft Punk-esque filters of the ‘Discovery’ period, and its intelligent winks to disco, funk, electro, punk, rock West Coast and French touch, ‘Flashback FM’ brings together everything a dance floor can generate in terms of positive energy. Welcome to the time capsule playlist of the future!