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NYC artist Beartrax releases ‘Dream Riff’ EP (w/Carl Finlow remix)

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Beartrax is back on his own taste-making electronic label Melodize with a pair of fantastic new singles that get fine remix treatment by the cult underground figure that is Carl Finlow. American Beartrax has been experimenting with electronic music for 10 years now, and has built up a fine reputation and discography that often leads to Beatport chart toppers and gets big support from high profile DJs. Up first is Dream Riff, a low key roller with nice melancholic pads and crisp, crunchy hi hats as well as killer bass. It’s a melodic musing that really carries your mind away from this world while keeping your body locked to the drums. Remixing is Carl Finlow, who has been an electro mainstay for decades. His version is haunting and minimal, with spooky bass notes and clacking hits that makes for a deep and atmospheric jam. Repentance closes out with nagging bass and a lead melody that is cautiously optimistic.

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Artist: Beartrax 

Title: Dream Riff 

Record Label: Melodize 

Release Date: 27/11/20 
A1) Dream Riff (Original Mix)
B1) Dream Riff (Carl Finlow Remix)
B2) Repentance (Original Mix)


Since picking up the violin 20 years ago, Beartrax has experimented with a variety of instruments and styles. While he has had many releases garner the support of renowned DJs, the future is still ripe for many more sounds and ideas to be explored. Ever since picking up the violin 20 years ago, Beartrax has experimented with a variety of instruments and styles. This included stints in orchestras, as well as jazz and metal bands. After discovering house and techno in late 2011, he decided to get a copy of Ableton, start producing, and explore the wide realm of electronic music production, constantly experimenting to incorporate his musical background into his productions and performances.With a performance that combines an electric violin and synths as well as productions that feature violins, guitars, and cellos and blend in his love for the aggression and melodies prevalent in heavy metal and classical music, Beartrax performs and produces with a passion to give listeners a unique experience that stems from his musical background. Having worked with labels such as Lost Diaries and Motek and seeing numerous releases appear in the Beatport charts with the support of renowned DJs such as Ame, Nick Warren, Acid Pauli, Oliver Schories, Marc Poppcke, Boss Axis, Namito, Miguel Puente, Miyagi, and Riva Starr, the future is ripe for many more sounds and ideas to be explored.