Lauren Ritter and Tenesha The Wordsmith team up for the first EP on new label Rift Vision

Tailored Communication
artist Lauren Ritter, Tenesha The Wordsmith
title Rift Vision 001
label Rift Vision
date 20th November 2020
format Vinyl, Digital
cat. # RV001


A1. Lauren Ritter “Vespers”
A2. Tenesha The Wordsmith & Lauren Ritter “Thirst Trap (feat. JB!! Aka Dirty Moses)”
B1. Lauren Ritter “Quartz”
B2. Lauren Ritter “Value of a Piece Taken”

Rift Vision 001 is producer and stay-at-home-DJ Lauren Ritter’s latest record. It is the debut album from her own, newly-minted label, Rift Vision.

The album acts as vanguard of Rift Vision’s aesthetic: liminal, subconscious, and ultimately, synesthetic. At the outset, it’s apparent that Ritter has traded in the “cool” of her minimal dance music performances for deeply personal, dream-like compositions. Live instruments, spoken word (Tenesha the Wordsmith), and melodies written on Ritter’s modest collection of synthesizers are hallmarks of each bespokenly-titled track.

“Thirst Trap” is the first single off Rift Vision 001. The track features Tenesha the Wordsmith’s (Peacocks and Other Savage Beasts, Dangerous Women) confessional-voiced poetry over teeming layers of electronic melodies, organic textures, and vaporous rhythms. The track’s intimacy borders on taboo; indeed it may give the feeling that the track ought to be shut off. But as Tenesha instructs with her opening lyric: “keep watching.”

While it’s not hard to imagine hearing any of Rift Vision 001’s tracks on the dance floor, it is hard to imagine why Ritter waited so long to release music like this.

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