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Life Size Models Release Ambitious Album “Everything Changed”

Life Size Models Go Above and Beyond with Nostalgic Laced Single

This record is a journey through an unusually tumultuous period in the band’s lives. Like so many people at the beginning of 2020, twin brothers, Chris and Stephen Seymour (lead singer and rhythm guitarist respectively), thought they knew where their lives were going. They didn’t. Life Size Models started recording their debut record, “Everything Changed”, almost 2 years ago. Within that 2 year period the whole band experienced massive changes in their lives. Some lost loved ones they thought would always be a part of our lives and others found new friends, lovers & collaborators. When they got to the end of the recording process and looked back the band realized nothing had stayed the same. Everything had changed.

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Some of the songs date back to their earliest shows while some of the songs were written in the studio while they were recording. These songs tell a story from sorrow to solace, while simultaneously showing the different sides of the band. They wanted to put big rock songs next to ballads next to instrumentals and aim to make what they connected with in that moment. In this way, the record plays out like the band’s lives during the process of making the record. Chris says: “Hopefully the emotions are relatable and the journey of the record provides some solace. Will it be ok? You never know, but today’s not as bad as yesterday and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.”

As teenagers, twin brothers Chris Seymour and Stephen Seymour took solace in their musical idols amidst the loss of close friends, heartbreak, and confronting the uncertainty of leaving their youth behind. These idols influenced the music the band would eventually create together. Life Size Models is an actualization of the idea that anyone can live up to their idols, life size or not. Life Size Models have been featured on The Bay Area’s ALT105.3 “Soundcheck”. The band also appeared on TV Series “CW’s B-Sides”, & “Soundwaves TV.” Life Size Models wrapped 2019 by opening for UK band Circa Waves at legendary San Francisco venue Bottom of the Hill.

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