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Autograf - The Ace Of You on Traxsource

After months of building momentum and getting fans positively psyched through multiple album singles and a rather spectacular livestream performance from a riding car, Autograf have finally released their long-awaited debut album on Armada Music. Running past the ups and downs of life to symbolize a chance to start anew, ‘The Ace Of You’ is without a doubt one of Autograf’s most personal projects to date, and one that will inevitably resonate with a lot of fans as well.

Listen to Autograf – The Ace Of You

Hotly anticipated since the release of ‘Ain’t Deep Enough’ as the first album tease, Autograf’s ‘The Ace Of You’ is more than just an 11-track narrative with musicality in spades. As much the story of Autograf themselves as it can be for anyone else, this magnificent debut album touches on the highs and lows of life as if it were the cycles of a moon, telling a story shared by all.

From recently released singles such as ‘Space’ (feat. Kole), ‘Waiting’ (with Scorsi) and ‘Walk With You’ (with Janelle Kroll) to never-heard-before album tracks such as ‘Wheel Of Fortune’, ‘The Ace Of You’ is about making the most of the hand you’re dealt, whether it starts off as a challenge or not. You only have one life to live, and it’s up to you to make that story beautiful.

Autograf: “Man, you don’t know how excited we are for our FIRST album. It feels so good to say that. There was a point when we thought none of this would’ve happened. Autograf would’ve ceased to exist and there would be no album. When we think back to all things we’ve done that we’re grateful for, they all came after some sort of challenge, defeat or loss. During the making of this album, we lost a bandmate for a moment due to mental illness and didn’t think we’d continue on. Then we came roaring back only for the whole world to come crashing down in a pandemic. We fell in love and experienced heartbreak many times over. Just like the cycles of the moon, you have your highs and lows, and we’d like to think life is defined by how you overcome these lows. This album tells our story, but it’s an experience that isn’t unique to us. It’s something shared by all. You only have one life to live so make that story beautiful. This is your life, this is our life, this is ‘The Ace of You’.”

Autograf are easily one of the most exciting acts in today’s dance music scene. After starting off their journey crafting up remixes for popular artists, the duo’s debut original, ‘Dream’, catapulted them to great heights. Since then, they’ve had a steady output of successful releases (e.g. ‘Nobody Knows’ feat. WYNNE, ‘Simple’ feat. Victoria Zaro, ‘Dead Soon’ feat. Lils & Bonsai Mammal) and saw their music licensed in popular television series such as Netflix’s ‘The Innocents’, NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ and major ad campaigns from global brands such as Louis Vuitton. On the live front, Autograf played festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza and EDC Las Vegas alongside headline shows in Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, the Netherlands, France and plenty of other places across the globe.