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The Day explore heartbreak on beautifully shot 16mm video for ‘We Killed Our Hearts’

Explore heartbreak on beautifully shot 16mm video for ‘We Killed Our Hearts’

Taken from limited tape run EP ‘Soon I Will Forget’ out on Sinnbus

Dutch-German dream-pop duo The Day reflect on loss and heartbreak on their new video for ‘We Killed Our Hearts’. Beautifully shot on 16mm film, the song explores various emotional themes over a textured beat and ethereal vocals, reminiscent of early 90s bands like Mazzy Star, Slowdive and Lush.

The pair detail the video: “This song was taken from our debut album ‘Midnight Parade’, the song and it’s video close the album circle and make way for new steps and new music to come. As if the E-Street-Band had paid us a visit, ‘We Killed Our Hearts’ is a steady flowing track without frills, while dealing with loss and failure as a law of nature”.

The track is part of a 4-track EP ‘Soon I Will Forget’ out now through Sinnbus as a limited cassette tape run.

The band explain: “We played an emotional, full band set-up streaming show in June of this year, after we could not even meet each other for a long time due to the pandemic. While there were already some hurdles to keep an international band running, it became a real challenge since spring this year. Laura Loeters is from Utrecht, who just moved to Antwerp, and myself (Gregor Sonnenberg) am from Hamburg, both of us living in lockdown in our cities”.

They go on to add: “Shows got cancelled and that was the reality for so many of us currently. So once the opportunity arose to play a live streamed show in June in the retro-modern setting of Pauluskirche in Mülheim (Germany) as a full band, at full volume, no restrictions, no compromise, we jumped on it right away. It’s a touching show full of relief, full of positive energy, and full and this very special magic.”

Four tracks from that session were recorded for the new EP ‘Soon I Will Forget’ and present the band with a more rugged and less restrained sound. This is an interesting contrast to the dreamy and well-set sound of their debut album ‘Midnight Parade’.

The Day have recorded two EPs by themselves, and released their debut album ‘Midnight Parade’ in early 2019. The band was constantly on the road, touring with the likes of Kate Tempest and Turnover. The band have also released a series of tasteful cover versions and continue to work on formulating their own version of withdrawn, melancholic pop music: The Day are intimate without being intruding and often speaks with an inner calmness.