Tailored Communication
artist Sandilé
title Best Of Both Worlds
label Black Catalogue
date 06/11/2020
format Vinyl | Digital
cat. # BC025_505

1. MJ Flip
2. First Of May
3. One Time
4. What Where Who
5. Just Like U And Me (Bandcamp only)

Zandile Mkwanazi aka Sandilé is a Cologne based multi- talented performer/producer and is a well known figure in the local scene for her production prowess and devastating DJ skills. She’s quickly jumped off with a prolific number of productions, five of which we’ve been lucky enough to present to you here on the “Best of Both Worlds” EP on Black Catalogue. With past releases on labels including Like Records, Italy’s Boutade Musique, Cologne’s I’m in Love and the Bristol based Future Shock Musik, we feel we’ve caught up with her at a very special time in her development.

The “Best of Both Worlds” EP is notable because it is inspired by her love of Dubstep, UK Bass and Garage background, but it is also inspired by Disco, Funk, and deep soulful House music. She has shown a true love and joy for underground music of all types, and this is made evident in the 5 tracks presented here.

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