TANDM releases new EP + focus track “Run”

Track: TANDM – Earthworm (2020 Remastered) | Backseat Mafia

Lead vocalist and guitarist Maxine Beck-Sinderby and drummer Thomas Franklin met serendipitously at a music studio in high school. The duo have since released two back-to-back EPs, titled “Reflections, Vol. 1” and “Reflections, Vol. 2”; achieving them features on CBC Radio, and City TV’s Breakfast Television Toronto. 

You can listen to and share Reflections (Remastered) via Soundcloud or Spotify

The focus track for the EP is “Run,” a song about feeling anxious under pressure, feeling the need to perform a certain way, feeling the need to run away.

You can listen the focus track “Run” on Soundcloud or Spotify

The duo has developed a signature sound marked by Maxine’s silky vocals and catchy reverb-filled guitar riffs, driven by the energy of Thomas’s drum flourishes. From personal pleasures and conflicts to the flaws in society encountered in young adulthood, TANDM’s upbeat sounds, vivid narratives and captivating melodies create a bittersweet and memorable experience.

Having recently signed with Popguru Sound & Vision for Worldwide SYNC representation, the band has remastered their five favourite tracks from their two EPs for potential use in film, television, advertisements, and video-games.

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