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After the success of 2017’s Mendoza EP, Deniro brings back his signature sound to трип

artist: deniro
title: coachella
label: трип 
date: 20 november 2020
cat. #: TRP033
format: vinyl | digital
pre order:
Tracklist :
a1 coachella 
a2 egalize  
b1 needles 
b2 tainted  
b3 boss 303 
digital only zoom 303 

Coachella is Deniro’s second full release on Trip.

After the success of 2017’s Mendoza EP, the TAPE Records owner has prepared a series of live takes for us and we couldn’t be more excited. The release received its name from the eponymous festival, where Nina first played the title track of the release during her AV Performance. Sonically this record brings what Deniro is best known for: his signature timeless groove immersed in beautiful, classy techno music.