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Griff Clawson Releases Debut Video “Chasing Highs” Featuring Appearances from Bella Giannulli and Vlog Squad’s Todd Smith

Griff Clawson Releases Debut Song “Chasing Highs” - pm studio world wide  music news

LA-based Griff Clawson released his debut solo single “Chasing Highs,” an acoustic-pop track that’s perfect for fall. The Orange County-raised singer/songwriter has gained immense support & recognition for his anthemic voice on tracks with DJ global-stars such as ARTY, Matoma, Devault, Manilla Killa and Boombox Cartel. The single is accompanied by music video, directed by Brett Bassock, starring Bella Giannulli and Vlog Squad’s Todd Smith.

Watch the video here:

In an alternative 2020 free of COVID-19, Billboard dubbed his collaboration with EDM heavyweight ARTY, “You’re Not Alone,” as what would be “one of the summer’s favored mainstage anthems…” but “Chasing Highs” is a departure from the dancefloor-friendly climaxes that would normally be found underneath Clawson’s emotive vocals. 

“This song was made late one night in the basement of my buddy’s old house in Silver Lake,” Clawson shares. “This song is about bittersweet acceptance, chasing after something that doesn’t really exist any more, or at least not in the same way, but ultimately being at peace with it. Falling in love makes it hard to see past things. So when a love fades or something else happens, you find yourself looking for that same feeling in something else or another person. There’s an implicit nostalgia that comes along with any good thing, because you’ll always cherish it, even if there are more good things coming down the line.” 

The track, out now via Renegade Songs, is a stripped back acoustic-pop track that finds Clawson back at his singer/songwriter roots. At age 11, Clawson picked up his first guitar and started writing his own songs. Later, at age 14, he was selling out local coffee houses in Southern California—armed with just his electrifying voice and an acoustic guitar.

With a catchy new single, a new direction, and plenty of new music on the horizon, Clawson is poised to finish the year in stride making him one to watch.

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