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SUSU unleash a raucous dose of Punk & Psychedelia on ‘Slow Death’

Unleash a raucous dose of Punk & Psychedelia on ‘Slow Death’

Taken from debut EP ‘Panther City’ due 13th November

SUSU takes you back while still keeping current with their modern take on the Flamin’ Groovies classic, Slow Death. Punk meets Psychedelia as their powerful vocals interweave and harmonies stand in stacked solidarity. The building of a guaranteed rollercoaster ride.

Guitar drones weave the listener in and out of lucidity while the tough and chugging riffs backed by two drums hits you with a constant reality check. You absolutely can’t not dance when you hear this song.

Watch here:

“Slow Death” – the final release off SUSU’s EP, Panther City – and aptly so.

A female fronted cover of the Flamin’ Groovies original.

The tours – all cancelled, the venues; shut, the streets, empty.

They say: ” We’re inspired by the playful, paranoid movements of After Hours, Trainspotting, Fear & Loathing… and The Big Lebowski, we wear the loose garments of the blank generation before them as we canvas the Lower East Side for a score; seeking sweet salvation from any high we can get our hands on.Quarantined, confined, and fiend-ing for a hit we can only get off New York City.”

Slow Death is an inevitable Birth, and this… just the beginning.


SUSU is a “one and only” type band. The smoldering New York City outfit features firebrand female lead vocalists and songwriters Liza Colby (Liza Colby Sound) and Kia Warren (Revel In Dimes), both provocateurs of the highest order, supported by Joey Wunsch (guitar), Ronnie Bruno (drums), and Connor McClelland (bass), of the raucous and energetic trio Dry Clean Only.

The embers of this Rock n’ Roll wildfire were first stoked four years ago when the Liza Colby Sound and Revel In Dimes emerged as Revel Sound for select NYC shows including a coveted residency at legendary haunt The Rose Bar at Gramercy Hotel, a jaw dropping performance at Webster Hall, and an exclusive appearance at sought after artist enclave The Surf Lodge. “So, when NYC based Ilegal Mezcal granted us the opportunity to record, it just seemed like the logical next step,” Kia says. Liza chimes in: “You don’t know what you don’t know, and we certainly didn’t realize how much we needed each other. We aren’t shy about being black women in Rock and Roll. There is an aliveness, an awareness, and a spirituality to SUSU that are both timely and timeless.

For Kia and Liza, SUSU is a powerful addition, a mantra for their lives both onstage and off. “We want to spread the SUSU and invite you to as well. Whether you are on the bus or not SUSU will always be USUS.”

Panther City – out Nov.13th, 2020.