Austin global folk fusion group, Ley Line, is proud to announce their new single “Tous Que Je Vois” set for release on November 13, 2020. The new release is the latest single from their highly anticipated album We Saw Blue, and the group’s first single completely in French. This follows recent singles “Ciranda,” “Slow Down” and “Oxum,” which have garnered praise from BillboardAtwoodPopMatters, Glideand KUTX Artist of the Month, alongside high profile Spotify playlists boosting play counts to 400,000 and rising. Ley Line also received a grant from the prestigious Black Fret organization in 2019.

 Fittingly in the midst of a pandemic,  “Tous Que Je Vois” is a love song about loving someone from afar. Lydia Froncek wrote the song while living in Montreal and daydreaming about a long distance love. The song is about that feeling when you just can’t get someone out of your mind. “Thinking of that person brought me a sense of calm and comfort even as I walked through unfamiliar streets in a new city,” Lydia shares about the inspiration behind the lyrics. It is about the feeling of being lost in a daydream of a person you care for. “Tous Que Je Vois” is a seamless fusion of French & Bossa Nova. The song was recorded at Servant Church in Austin by Paul Price & Michael McLeod then  later brought to Grammy-nominated producer Moses Elias for finishing touches. Ley Line’s dedication to producing a more acoustic and live sound led to their decision to record at the church.
“Tous Que Je Vois” will be on the B-side of the upcoming album, which will feature some more stripped down acoustic songs alike. In the context of the album, this song creates a bridge between the more percussion and vocal heavy first six songs of the album and the more stripped down songs that follow it. Ley Line has stated that this will be the final single released ahead of the album, “We wanted to send it out as a token of our love to everyone who has supported us up to this point and to remind you that even though we are far apart you are still in our hearts.”
We Saw Blue is set for release on December 4th digitally, with the vinyl edition of the album coming  in early 2021. Pre-orders for the vinyl are available here, and will include access to the accompanying visual album. The visual album is comprised of unique footage from that trip including live performances, nature, collaborations, folklore and the rich musical traditions of Brazil. Podcast episodes on the making of the album will also be rolling out leading up to the vinyl and visual album launch date.

Emilie Basez: Guitar/Vocals
Madeleine Froncek: Upright Bass/Vocals
Kate Robberson: Ukulele/Vocals
Lydia Froncek: Percussion/Vocals

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/leyline
Press Kit: www.pressjunkiepr.com/clients/ley-line
Website: www.leylinesound.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/leylinesound
Instagram:  www.instagram.com/leylinesound
Twitter:       www.twitter.com/leylinesound

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