Will Powers shares focus track “Same” off new double EP

Same | Will Powers

Will Powers is the brainchild of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Oli Palkovits. Following his 2017 self-release, Flowers of Atacama, Powers moved to Montreal, where much of the material that would become the Will Powers’ debut EPs was written. Having since moved back to Sudbury, ON, he is currently working on several albums with members of Murder Murder and Tommy and the Commies.

Listen “Same” now on Soundcloud or Spotify!

According to Oli of Will Powers: “I was moving around a lot during the writing of this album – mentally, socially, and geographically – and this record reflects that sense of restlessness and dynamism. A lot of ground gets covered in a very short amount of time on this album. It’s often vague and seemingly senseless, but my intention was to leave a significant portion of it to be interpretable.  It attempts to tie together many perspectives rather than come through as a singular statement.”

The new album is now available for streaming which is comprised of two sides. Listen to Side A and Side B now. The double EP is meant to be listened to as a unit, but conceptually these are two parts of a whole.

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