Lee Foss, Detlef & Anabel Englund, ‘Thunder & Lightning’ EP

Thunder & Lightning | Lee Foss, Detlef & Anabel Englund | Hot Creations

It’s been six years since Lee Foss and Anabel Englund released music through the lauded Hot Creations imprint, with the work they did alongside Jamie Jones (as Hot Natured) via the label in the early 2010s delivering some of the era’s slinkiest house anthems.

Their homecoming is the Thunder & Lightning EP, a collaboration with Greek producer Detlef. The sound is both fresh and exactly what you’d expect from the trio of deep house cool kids, with the sexy, bumping productions serving as a carrier for Englund’s always smoldering vocals. which on the title track exist alongside samples of traditional tribal singing. (A recent trend in dance music, with similar samples also recently coming from TroyBoi and Bicep.) The project follows Foss and Englund’s May single “Warm Disco.”

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