The NewKids Records Crew close out the year with a collaborative celebration We are NKR V.02

The NewKids Records Crew got together after this crazy year 2020 and present you the We are NKR V.02 VA! After Mad Maex, STRACID and Witzemann already presented the first version of the compilation in July 2020, the second version is now featuring artists like Steffen Gruber and Disruption, who have released great EP’s on NewKids Records with ”Exos” and ”Ukiyo”. With Artist01 the guys bring along a new producer who will celebrate his first release in 2021. The VA reflects the sound of each individual artist, but still gives a unified picture from start to finish. Enjoy!

artist Various Artists
title We Are NKR, Vol. 02
label NewKids Records
date 15/01/2021
format Vinyl | Digital
cat. # NEW00005


1. Mad Maex – Poison
2. STRACID – Extinction
3. Witzemann – Appearance
4. Steffen Gruber – Beginning of the end
5. Artist01 – Event Horizon
6. Disruption – Devine the future

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