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A mere six days after rousing a crowd of ten thousand fans through the sold-out Rave Culture Thailand event they spent fifteen days in quarantine for, W&W keep building momentum in signature fashion. With ‘Gold’, the world-renowned Dutchmen not only deliver the follow-up to ‘Rave Love’, but also launch the hotly anticipated music video sequel, teasing all kinds of special – and upcoming – Rave Culture developments in the process.

Listen to W&W – Gold

Watch the music video of ‘Gold’

Following on the powerful ‘Rave Love’ and the first chapter of their brand-new music video series ‘Gold’ can be considered quite a find in today’s dance music landscape. Sporting an infectious mixture of catchy vocal cuts, rich melodies and a stomping kick-bass combo, this track is the kind of dance music treasure everyone would like a piece of.

W&W“It was so good to connect with the Rave family again. Being on stage and seeing all those happy faces in the crowd made us realize that we stand together and that rave is life. ‘Gold’ is a track that we have been working on for quite some time and we couldn’t be any more proud of the result. Great to end 2020 with this one!”

As was the case in the second half of October with the release of ‘Rave Love’, the exclusive, custom-design T-shirt worn by the hero in this new music video for ‘Gold’ has been available in limited edition, this time in conjunction with a brand-new keychain. The music video also shows a commercial for Rave Energy, a special energy drink that’s currently in production so it can be served at future Rave Culture events across the globe.

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