Dusk - Single by Drove | Spotify

STMPD RCRDS is kicking off the new year with the release of a brand new project: Drove. Drove are 3 mega-talented Dutch producers and songwriters: Jelmer ten Hoeve, Eli Salomons and Teun Wouters. During the lockdown, their mental escapes consisted of driving to places, listening to music, enjoying the landscapes with the lights from sunrise to sunset; and especially loving that darkest stage of twilight known as Dusk. Drove – ‘Dusk’ EP was born.


Places featuring Dillon Francis 
Holding On 
Know featuring Ex Love 
Alive Again
High On You

Drove’s three members worked in their studios, creating an EP with 6 tracks building up from intro to end, creating the perfect soundtrack to drive around, to disconnect, feel good and dream away to.

The single of the EP is ‘Places’, a fantastic collaboration of Drove with US multi platinum artist and producer Dillon Francis. The outcome is a track that’s ”gonna hit you in all the feels” as Francis shared on his Instagram this week. Other tracks on the EP are ‘Holding On’, ‘Alive Again’, ‘High On You’, and ‘Know’ featuring Ex Love. Enjoy the ride!

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