nikolaj grandjean releases emotional single ‘Heart of Stone’ via Embassy of Music.

With ‘Heart Of Stone‘ the Danish singer-songwriter Nikolaj Grandjean is releasing the third single from his upcoming new album ‘The Wide Open‘, which will be released on May 7th, 2021.

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“We wanted to do a video supporting the song and its message, in a perhaps unconventional way, trying to avoid doing a film with the song rather more supporting the film, which is sometimes the case with typical musicvideo productions. Heart of stone is a song about the doubts and weights that one risks when being close to someone else, and to the naked eye there might not be a lot going on in the video. And there is, it’s in the eyes of the woman going through these motions.”

Heart Of Stone‘ deals with the search for love and the opposites that one encounters. Nikolaj presents the inner struggle to want to please the other person and shows himself to be unusually vulnerable. To make oneself suitable for the person of one’s own desire and to sacrifice oneself for a love that may not even be set in stone. The underlying insecurity, which is expressed in the question of whether you are yourself enough, describes the self-confidence that we lack.

The second track of the single, ‘In A City Of Cars‘, deals vulnerably with not being able to escape anger and negativity in a no-compromise relationship and still clinging to it.

The music of his new album is thematically shaped by adaptation, integration and contrasts. An honest and open documentation of Nikolaj Grandjean‘s inner journey over the past 5 years.

About nikolaj grandjean

The musician, who grew up in Copenhagen, grew up mainly with his mother and her partner. And even though he had a very good relationship with his father, he probably owes his progressive and modern views to the situation in which he was brought up. Among other things, his artistic work revolves around the discrepancy between the similarities and differences inherent in people.

Nikolaj, who started making music his life’s work at a very early age, can already look back on some major milestones in his career. Including a Grammy nomination, festival shows with Placebo and a deal with Sony Music were already part of his career. Today the creative lives in Copenhagen again.

He himself describes his music as a mixture of Americana, Lo-fi and Indie. His role models include Townes Van ZandtWillie Watson and Bruce Springsteen. He describes himself as emotionally brave and likes to surround himself with people who are aware of themselves and who do not pretend to be.