Charli Adams ‘Cheer Captain’

Indie sensation Charli Adams shares retrospective new cut “Cheer Captain” and announces the arrival of debut LP Bullseye. Marking the latest installment from the musician’s growing collection of relatable and heartfelt pop anthems, “Cheer Captain” sees Adams wave goodbye to a youth spent in a deeply conservative, Christian environment in Alabama, where she put cheerleading, worship leading, her family, and often toxic relationships with men (and God) above all. Having already unveiled evocative lead single “Didn’t Make It,” and pulsating follow-up “Maybe Could Have Loved” from Bullseye, “Cheer Captain” exemplifies the newcomer’s boundless potential amidst an ongoing search for her true identity, and provides a firm indication of what to expect from her upcoming record. 

Listen to “Cheer Captain”