Detroit Icons DJ Minx & Gari Romalis Present ‘Tronic D’ EP

Two titans of the Detroit scene come together on Tronic D. DJ Minx and Gari Romalis have been DJing in Detroit for over 30 years, and between them have helped shape the sound of the city, as DJs and mentors.

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Romalis is one of Detroit’s most prolific producers, a pivotal figure in the city’s underground who has eschewed attention for years. He managed the famed Buy Rite Record store for several years, and actually helped physically build the legendary Music Institute including the DJ booth, before DJing there. 

Known locally as the ‘dubmaster’ Romalis is renowned for his work behind the scenes for many of Detroit’s top artists, and his classic deep dubby house sound. He started DJing in 1981, released his first record in 1994, and has amassed a vinyl collection in the thousands, committed to championing overlooked records in his sets. He has released his own tracks on Tresor, Soma Records, Terrence Parker’s Intangible label, Mike Banks’ Happy Soul Records, Reggie Dokes’ Psychostasia label, Cliff Thomas’ D-Bass Records and many more.

Minx has been a central figure in Detroit’s dance music history, learning to DJ in the late 80s, then holding a vital residency at Motor Club, hosting long-running radio shows in the city for WGPR and CJAM. She’s been a fixture at Detroit’s Movement Festival since 2000. Her Women on Wax collective and label have sought to champion Black female artists since its inception in 1996. She recently curated her DJ Minx Selects live stream with Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, DJ Holographic and Delano Smith on Lost Resort TV, and will be featured on the forthcoming Tresor 30 compilation. 

These four tracks on Tronic D are the classic Detroit house sound, of which Minx and Romalis are pillars. The two have known each other for decades, but this is the first time they have collaborated together. 

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