Broken Back “Oh My” Ultra Music

Broken Back… is back, releasing his fourth track of 2021 today, “Oh My,” via Ultra Records.
After his Jan. 22 release, and first release of the New Year, “We Go,” Broken Back’s next single
was “Survive,” which was released Feb. 19 and featured Eastern influences. Following that, “We
Are” was brought to life on March 26. All four singles, seemingly being released one per month,
follow his sophomore album Good Days, which helped to kick off Broken Back’s hard-earned
success. Before Broken Back came to be who he is today, he was headed into the world of
entrepreneurship, attending classes at a major business school by day, and running his own
startups by night. “All of a sudden, at twenty-two years old, his back could take no more. It gave
way.” So, he pulled out his guitar, and started to follow his true calling: music.

Listen to “Oh My”

“Oh My” enters the room with a beautiful steel drum melody, adding in a background beat quicky after theintroduction. The passionate vocals, once again, fit perfectly with the instrumentals and lure you
into the dream-like rhythm. The song is about being in love and feeling the warmth of the sun, the
lyrics reading: “If time flies, Let me be your pilot, I’m gonna take us for a ride, Tears words heart
can’t say, Barefoot on the warm sand, She’s shining on my way.” This track screams good vibes
and is the perfect song to chill and maybe dance to on the beach with a partner or some friends.

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