FAWNe debuts new alt-pop concoction ‘Colours’

Live @ The Bedford Balham on 1st June 2021


On FAWNe’s latest alternative pop single, the rising London based musician gets intimate on ‘Colours’, fusing personal experiences with an infectiously catchy track full of attitude, coupled with a striking visual identity evident on the accompanying visual clip. 

FAWNe explains: “The song Colours represents that person who I’m sure we’ve all met at one point in our lives who has many sides to their personality, someone who chooses which personality to show depending on who they’re with. It’s written from the perspective of someone seeing what is happening from the outside looking in on a toxic relationship and trying to make their friend see reason. Everyone can see it but them, they are blinded. I am playing two roles in this video: the first being a temptress who has got her man trapped under her spell, secondly, and in contrast to this, the role of the girl who is trying to tell a friend to get out of this unhealthy relationship, that they have self worth and don’t have to settle for this. It’s about temptation, not being able to resist the forbidden fruit & not realising its bad for you because you are under their spell. There is an air of sadness behind this coming from the innocent girl watching this happen. The use of colours is super important in this video, (myself and the director Emma) used different colour schemes to represent the various moods of the evil character, green kitchen is envy & jealousy, Violet in the bathroom is pride. The innocence of the friend trying to help is reflected in the natural, neutral colours and lighting.”

FAWNe is a singer songwriter that plays guitar and piano. She has been working with Hugh Fothergill as a producer and creative collaborator for the last two years crafting her songs. Her first single ‘Colours’ is being released in April. FAWNe has been dedicated to streaming regularly throughout the pandemic to keep in touch with her fan base. Before lockdown she was performing three times a week with different musicians across the South East as a collective. In Autumn of 2020, Busk in London gave FAWNe the opportunity to play across the capital at various locations from Wembley Arena, Camden Market, Greenwich Peninsula to Euston Station.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from soul, pop, indie and electronica, with nods to Mazzy Star, Phoebe Bridgers, Billie Eillish and Radiohead, FAWNe describes her music as “Alternative Pop but it can vary. When in the studio, I like to allow myself the freedom to just write whatever I’m genuinely feeling at the time with out having rules or plan. All of my music is personal, drawing on real life experiences and is written from the heart. It is moody/dark with an element of sweetness, a hint of humour and above all it is real.”

‘Colours’ is released on 23rd April across all digital platforms