Halina Rice returns with bass infused track ‘Breaks’

Multi-Faceted artist and producer Halina Rice returns with a genre defying track ‘Breaks’, fused with haunting sampled vocals over throbbing bass-lines generated from analogue instrumentation and twisted samples. Due to land on 23rd April 2021, it follows on from acclaimed singles ’Terrain’ and ‘Spheres’. ‘Breaks’ forms part of Halina’s New Worlds project, a series of tracks, each with their own visual identity and virtual world.

Halina details the track: “I’ve been playing this for over a year in live sets and people kept asking about it so it seemed like a natural choice for the next release. The track came about through some disparate elements – I put the vocals through an extreme sound stretch effect – as this happened really interesting and unintentional tones between the notes started showing up, which seemed very beautiful.  I felt the distorted analogue bass-lines and heavy semi-realistic drum patterns worked with this to add energy to the more haunting quality in the voices. Working with motion designer Jan Petyrek on the video we united visuals created in gaming software Unity 3D with real life footage. We wanted to represent the abstract and other-worldly elements of the track in this detached feeling cityscape but kept a more organic feel using filmed footage on screens around the city. As soon as we put this in it gave the place we had created an illusion of being real while at the same time abstract”.

‘Breaks’, along with ‘Terrain’ and ‘Spheres’ are on-going instalments of a new self-released project showcasing a series of tracks focusing on creating unique worlds. Each one comprises both music and the creation of a virtual environment in which Rice can perform live as a digital projection. It is envisioned by her not as the creation of an EP or album but rather as a series – like Concrete Lates, Rice works with an international team of visual and technical artists to create an original way to perform live in a virtual world built in gaming technology Unity 3D.

The London-based artist is renowned for her vivid and eclectic style, using multiple effects and sampling to create original and experimental sounds. Uniting elements of ambient, electronic, percussive and bass music, her sound ranges from evocative and melancholic soundscapes to beat- driven, punchy tracks. Rice’s first album REDUX was released via independent label Blurred Recordings in 2017 to positive press reviews and radio play, described by FM Magazine as “a credible and exciting avant-electronic pearl” and in Clash magazine as a “world of fragmentary beauty”. Lead track ‘DRIVE’ was remixed by electronic pioneer Richard Norris. Crossing boundaries between music and art her live performance brings visuals and music together to create an immersive audience experience utilising live projections and abstract graphics.

‘Breaks’ is released 23rd April 2021

Cover artwork and animations by Freny Antony AKA @procedural.disarray