Australian duo Korky Buchek are making their mark on 2021 with their first single of the year, the ultra-groovy ‘Look @ Me.’ Revolving around an undeniable bass line and catchy vocals layered over a classic house rhythm, ‘Look @ Me’ arrives just in time for the return to live events. Korky Buchet’s latest is available to stream on all platforms now. 


Look @ Me’s’ hallmark lies in its irresistible bass coupled with immediately memorable vocals. Centered around these core elements, Korky Buchek’s latest builds a full soundscape by utilizing timeless disco instrumentation, modern house inspirations, and their signature flair for the unexpected. The track continuously makes subtle switches, adding format or production changes to keep the listener on their toes, but always coming home to its core vocal and bass loops to keep the groove grounded. ‘Look @ Me’ is a truly jubilant affair arriving just in time for festivals and concerts to return, as Korky Buchek describes:

‘’Look @ Me’ is about those moments where you’re truly feeling yourself and you won’t let anyone bring you down. Knowing that you are in your element and an unstoppable, unbreakable force. We aimed to capture the feeling of walking into a vibrant nightclub, where as soon as you’re through the doors you feel the endorphins rushing through your body, the thump of the bass and the energy of people moving in unison to music. 

We wanted the track to continue lifting throughout, adding pieces of the musical puzzle to bring it together and make it steadily grow, pushing the energy to the limit. We think it one of our strongest tracks yet, it’s been sitting in our back pocket for a while now, waiting for the triumphant return of the dancefloor so that it can deliver smiles to all who hear it.’                                                                      
– Korky Buchek

Look @ Me’ is Korky Buchek’s first release of 2021. It builds on the success they saw in 2020 powered by their singles ‘Work For The Money’, ‘Into We’, and ‘Husky.’ As shows return to Australia, the duo is poised for a breakout year capitalizing on the years of focus and dedication they’ve spent crafting their signature sound. 

About Korky Buchek – Sydney’s iconic electronic producer/DJ combo are giving a big middle finger to the rules of music creation, writing whatever they want with no regard for the rules that dictate they must be genre specific. Crafting sounds that infuse house, electro, techno, hip hop, and more, their songs are full of energy and surprises from release to release. Having produced for the likes of Liyah Knight, Madame Empress, Lil Spacely, Boy Soda, Maxine and more, the duo have made a name for themselves in the tastemaker space. Seeing plentiful support from Triple J for their releases “Could Be U” and “Into We,” plus a wide range of blog coverage including Pilerats, Earmilk, The Nocturnal Times, and Acid Stag, needless to say, the guys are on an upward trend.