The High Plains Drifters “Since You’ve Been Gone” Music Video

Wanted to reach out to you about coverage with Run The Trap for the trippy official music video for catchy breakup anthem“Since You’ve Been Gone” from genre-bending indie band The High Plains Drifters, the lead single off their forthcoming second album about love and lossout later this year. PRESS HERE to watch.Directed and produced by Lars Jørgen Sundnes Skaland, the visual depicts the story of a young boy dreaming for his space girl and “true love” only to find she is out of touch in a galaxy far away. The track, which tiptoes between neon synths, airy bass, and a glitchy beat, was inspired by a particularly painful breakup when frontman Larry Studnicky was still young enough to believe in the theory of the ‘one and only’. His girl dumped him, broke his heart, and forever disabused him of that notion but the pain inspired “Since You’ve Been Gone” and captures the utter feeling of disbelief after your significant other leaves.

The High Plains Drifters were sired after a night of too much booze and too little food at a Tex-Mex spot in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. Fast forward a few years and they boast one fan-favorite album—2019’s High Plains Drifters – and the critical acclaim of press and radio. The group, led by frontman Larry Studnicky [lead vocals, lyricist], includes John Macom [rhythm/electric guitars, lead/backup vocals], Mike DoCampo [rhythm/electric guitars, backup vocals], Kyle Cassel [drums, backup vocals], Charles Czarnecki [keys, accordion, backup vocals], and Dave Richards [bass, backup vocals]. Their new release ups the ante with a bevy of undeniably catchy anthems about love and loss that fall somewhere between The Eagles and New Order, with more surprises to come.

In the end, The High Plains Drifters roll through your speakers with one purpose. “When one of our songs does its job, you’ll relate,” Studnicky adds. “They’re often about relationships, love lost, and love found. Within three-to-four minutes, I’m telling a mini-narrative that is an actual story with some drama to it. I hope you go, ‘Yeah, that’s happened to me’.”