Ada Kaleh ‘Solace in Repetition’ EP

Dialogue made its entrance into the Los Angeles events space six years ago, transforming the city’s forgotten spaces into temporary windows to global clubland. In continuation of this legacy, the brand has launched a vinyl-only label with the same forward-thinking and minimally minded curation, Dialogue Records. Ada Kaleh rings in this next chapter with the label’s inaugural release, ‘Solace In Repetition.’

‘Solace In Repetition’ bursts with the nuanced, left-of-center sound that the Romanian minimal stalwart is known for. Its mesmeric title track takes listeners down a melodic path, punctuated by hints of breakbeat. “Affection Over Reason” is equally hypnotic, with a focus on groove and creative filtering. Joining Kaleh on the record are fellow Romanian duo SIT and Visionquest legend Shaun Reeves—a fitting debut for what will become a staple label amongst collectors worldwide. ‘Solace In Repetition’ already sits at the #1 pre-order spot on Decks ahead of its April release. 

‘Solace in Repetition’ is available for purchase 

Dialogue Presents has played a key role in shaping the city’s minimal house scene, hosting some of the world’s most in demand artists, labels, and collectives like RPR Soundsystem, Sonja Moonear, tINI, Maayan Nidam, Guti, FUSE London, Traumer, SIT, Bihn and many more. With its curatorial roots firmly in place by its bookings, Dialogue is fully equipped to translate this expertise into the label realm.