Deeper Vision Recordings Announces New Album ‘I Told You (Re-Envisioned)’

I Told You (Re-Envisioned) 
The Incredible Melting Man, Mat Lunnen, Rosemary Quaye

Juno Download Exclusive: May 28th
Official Release Date: June 11th

The Incredible Melting Man, Rosemary Quaye, Mat Lunnen’s Beatport no.1 house track ‘I Told You’ gets a slew of amazing remixes on this hard hitting compilation. UK based producer WheelUp appears courtesy of Tru Thoughts publishing and delivers a massive Broken Beats remix, which is a must for the UK Funky crowd, with big soulful 80’s synth sounds similar to the Minneapolis production style of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Tommy Tranq brings a hard hitting deep funky Techno remix perfect for peak hours on the big system. Leaking Shell & Indelible Horse delivers an out of this world alternative breaks remix, which is a genre unto it’s own, reminiscent of the legendary Kraftwerk, but with a 2021 futuristic take, Leaking Shell & Indelible Horse deep and complex arrangement goes a long way on this must have remix and they feature a downtempo Dubmix. Rich LaMotte aka Richmix of WBLS brings a smooth and deep style of deep house to his remix. Richmix’s remix takes us back to the golden days of 90’s New York City House music and clubs like the Tunnel, Sound Factory & Twilo. Anthony Granata’s haunting remix brings dark trippy and atmospheric elements into his mix with Burial-esque sounds and an emotional, grimy baseline, with Timberland-esque touches. A must for those who love the darker sounds of the UK Funky genres. Ted Ganung delivers an amazing remix that perfectly merges modern Drum & Bass with the Soulful House elements of the original ‘I Told You’ for a powerful 174 BPM deep hitting and melodic tune with carefully crafted strategically placed dub elements. Ted Ganung’s remix is a must for the Drum & Bass crowd. De Melto brings big Broken Beat, UK Garage vibes to his amazing remix, this one will make you move to the groove. With sounds reminiscent of MJ Cole but with a distinct 2021 style all unto it’s own. Rhythmic Souls delivery two very different and unique remixes in a Bass House style. These will make you bounce wile driving down the road in the warm weather with the windows down and the sun shining.

  1. I Told You (Full Sax Mix) 
  2. I Told You (WheelUP Remix)
  3. I Told You (Leaking Shell & Indelible Horse Remix)
  4. I Told You (Leaking Shell & Indelible Horse Dubmix)
  5. I Told You (Tommy Tranq Remix) 
  6. I Told You (Richmix Remix)
  7. I Told You (De Melto Remix)
  8. I Told You (Anthony Granata Remix)
  9. I Told You (Rhythmic Souls Part 1 Remix)
  10. I Told You (Rhythmic Souls Remix) 
  11. I Told You (Ted Ganung Remix)

I Told You EP (original mix)

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