BLKBOK Stuns in National Astronaut Day Live from Las Vegas Performance, Unveils Two Original Songs

After a viral moment on TikTok with his neo-classical rendition of Cardi B’s “Up,” BLKBOK takes the stage live from Las Vegas at uniphi space agency’s sixth annual National Astronaut Day® delivering a special performance that is quite literally out of this world. 

In addition to his classical remixes of Cardi B’s “Up” and Saweetie & Doja Cat’s “Best Friend” off his upcoming mixtape, CVRART, BLKBOK debuts two stunning original pieces: “Stars,” written specifically for the National Astronaut Day® event, and “November 7th” from his highly-anticipated BlackBook album due later 2021. He is also joined by Toby Rand for an emotional tribute of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” dedicating the performance in remembrance of all of the astronauts who have served the nation’s space program. 

After an introduction from renowned Astronaut, Commander Michael López-Alegría, you can watch the full performance here:

So much more on the horizon for BLKBOK and this touching tribute is just the beginning – wanted to put all he’s doing on your radar. Would be amazing if you’re able to support in any way. More info on BLKBOK and National Astronaut Day® below!


Born and raised in Detroit’s inner-city, BLKBOK (born Charles Wilson III), grew up in a music-filled house. While his parents and siblings were all musically active in church, little Charles could always be found walking his chubby fingers up and down the piano keys. His mom had no choice but to nurture her baby’s keyboard obsession and by the time he was 8, BLKBOK was an acclaimed piano prodigy, winning statewide accolades and college-level competitions. When it came to music, most of the kids he grew up with pursued hip-hop, adopting dope rapper names. However, it’s no coincidence that Charles chose the name BLKBOK, which echoes that of one of the greatest pianists and composers of all time. The tag is also an apt reflection of the elements that have contributed to the artist’s identity and symbolizes his colorful journey from pop and hip-hop culture to his present-day neo-classical debut album.


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uniphi space agency, a division of uniphi good LLC, is proud to announce the sixth annual National Astronaut Day®, featuring an incredible line-up of Astronauts, musicians and entertainers, all participating in virtual, free, family-friendly events, activities and performances on Wednesday, May 5th, 2021. 

In keeping with the tradition of other Astronaut and Space related celebrations, May 5th was selected for this significant date in history, 60 years ago, in 1961 when Astronaut Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. became the First American in Space, aboard the Freedom 7 Space capsule.  The brief suborbital flight, which lasted approximately 15 minutes and reached a height of 116 miles into the atmosphere, was a milestone achievement. This trailblazing example of heroic bravery and adventurous spirit is this essence of what National Astronaut Day® is all about. The 2021 National Astronaut Day® celebration also features a touching tribute video in honor of Astronaut Alfred “Al” Worden, featuring Astronaut readings of his poem Oceans, from his book of poetry “Hello Earth: Greetings from Endeavour. “ 

National Astronaut Day® is honored to present an incredible line up of virtual programming and social media events with Astronauts, musicians, entertainers, charity partners and collaborators, all of whom have graciously donated their time and talents.  The goal for the 2021 celebration was not only to recognize and honor Astronauts, their remarkable achievements, and the significance of May 5th in the history of human space exploration, but also to provide entertainment, inspiration and levity for all during this continually challenging and uncertain time.

The full schedule may be found at