Simon Kidzoo & Elliot Fitch ‘The Reason’ Toolroom

Summer is just around the corner and the anticipation for live music, clubs and nightlife returning is  through the roof. Luckily, Toolroom has got it all covered for you with their latest release from Simon  Kidzoo & Elliot Fitch with ‘The Reason’. A funky disco house number that ticks all the right boxes, an  instant classic and is for a sure a go-to dance floor filler. 

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Simon Kidzoo is an exciting new talent to keep your eye on and is fast becoming a Toolroom fave. He  has a handful of releases under his belt on the label already via album exclusives as well as releases  on Toolroom’s Trax Imprint, Saved, Kitball and more. His studio buddy on this occasion Elliot  Fitch has been making a name for himself in the scene as well with some quality releases on Glasgow  Underground and BeYourself. 

The Reason’ is the latest collab from Simon Kidzoo & Elliot Fitch and the first record the pair have  worked on together since ‘Psycho’ on Toolroom’s Ibiza 2019 compilation. This time around both  Simon and Elliott go all in on this feel good, uplifting, disco house groover. Sampling a classic Keys  record ‘Love Is The Reason’ to incredible effect and layering lush strings and chorused guitar loops,  throwing them in with a stomping bass line, rhythmic percussion and a riding house beat. Simon  Kidzoo & Elliot Fitch absolutely nail it on this release, love is ‘The Reason’ and this record is full of it.