STARX ‘Monster’ ft. Tara Louise Basscon Records

The hard psy pioneer unleashes a behemoth anthem on Insomniac’s hard dance imprint.

STARX is waking up the beast on his new single “Monster,” featuring the captivating vocals of singer Tara Louise, serving as his debut release on Basscon Records. . 

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Not many artists have the privilege of saying they are responsible for triggering an entirely new sound. Based out of Miami by way of Monterrey, Mexico, Daniel Fernandez is one of the lucky few who can be deemed a catalyst for jumpstarting a widespread subgenre of the hard dance variety. The Harsh Records cofounder is the pioneer of hard psy movement, a contagious crosspollination of hardstyle and psy trance. This unique blend of influences has caught on like wildfire since getting out the gate in 2015, feeding into a trailblazing discog that has been emulated by a plethora of producer’s looking to get in on the action. However, none seem to stack up anywhere close to the source. STARX is now ready to let loose his signature style onto the Basscon catalog with an untamable single that’s slated to ravage the festival circuit once live events are back in full swing. 

“Monster” is a riveting number revolving around the idea that everyone has an internal creature lying dormant in their core. And there’s power that comes with embracing the beast, sometimes going as far as letting it out of its cage.  For the single, STARX looked to the opposite coast to recruit the celebrated singer/songwriter Tara Louise to help embody the meaning through her captivating vocal delivery. Chilling synthwave styled arpeggiations slice through tension-building chords as blood begins to boil from a vehement topline failing at keeping its rage under control. An outburst of fiery passion proves to be inevitable once the soaring synths give way to a violent eruption of galloping basslines, earth-shattering kicks, modulating pads, and terrorizing psychotropic flourishes. Once the monster is set free, there’s no hope of trying to contain this anger-stricken animal.  

“Monster is a track that talks about our inner demons, and how we can canalize energy through hardstyle music,” says STARX. “It’s about releasing your beast from within, featuring amazing vocals from California artist Tara Louise. We collabed remotely, and together we were able to put this message on the record. This track holds a unique place in our hearts, and we hope it does for you, too.” 

Before live events came to a grinding halt, STARX made his presence felt within the Insomniac ecosystem via an explosive set at EDC Mexico in 2019. He made a striking first impression on the Basscon-hosted wasteLAND stage, which was the perfect introduction to the seminal sound he’s been honing over the course of the last half decade. He’s currently in the process of pulling together his debut artist album, and if this new single is any indication, it’s clear he has been using his time in quarantine wisely. “Monster” is just a glimpse into the heart of the voracious hard dance specimen that is STARX.

More About STARX

STARX is the musical project of Daniel Fernandez, founder of HARD Records alongside Junkie Kid. Currently residing in Miami Beach, (relocating from Monterrey, Mexico) Daniel has always been passionate about music—with his passion he created a whole new music trend impacting worldwide especially in the USA; this is known as hard psy. Fully blending the best of two worlds of the hard dance genres and psychedelic trance genres; with this concept “Hard Psy” has come to life and has been supported and being produced by many artists. STARX is an artist that no one can predict and holds a unique perspective and a way of sharing his art. He has an incredible amount of experience within the music industry; this is evident with his imprint HARD Records, giving exposure to strong projects. The revelation of this so-called new sound came to Daniel in his studio back in 2015. The first-ever hard psy track was released to the masses early 2016 on Harsh, which was named “Hard Psy.” This was the start of creating and activating an entire movement towards the new concept. 

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