Chris Nasty ft. Reigns ‘Throw My Hands Up’ Via Ultra Music

Italian DJ and producer Chris Nasty is back with his new track “Throw My Hands Up” featuring UK-based singer-songwriter Reigns, out now via Ultra Records.


Right from the first beat, it’s obvious that “Throw My Hands Up” is a fun, upbeat track. The vocals are
soulful and groovy, and the beat is super catchy and makes you want to just get up and dance, no
matter where you are! This passionate, positive track is sure to turn your frown upside down and put
you in the best mood. You’ll be dying to hear it live, or at least out in the club soon.

Chris Nasty’s most recent release prior to “Throw My Hands Up,” was his Summer 2020 single “Rising
Up.” The track includes a catchy beat and passionate, soulful vocals. The drops are unique and the
instrumentals blend together really well. Additionally, in 2019, Chris Nasty’s collaboration with fellow
Italian DJ Benny Benassi, “Inside,” gained him a lot of popularity, as the track has racked up over 6.5M
streams on Spotify.

Chris Nasty has been active in the musical landscape for a long time, is the man behind many successful projects in electronic music in the past. Just recently, he decided to develop his own personal brand focusing on what he gets him going the most: House Music. Through the incredibly successful partnership and collaboration with Benny Benassi, Nasty took the opportunity to reach a wider audience thanks to tracks such as “Aphrodisiak,” “2 My House,” and the worldwide hit “Inside.” Supported by the likes of such distinguished producers like Diplo, Bob Sinclar, Danny Howard, Pete Tong, David Guetta, Tiesto, and Oliver Heldens, just to name a few, his hits have continuously been featured in some of the most important charts in the world. Chris is an accomplished DJ, Producer, and Remixer and a name to watch out for in the incoming years.

The best is yet to come With an ever-increasing YouTube following exceeding 50K and clocking up over 6 million views, Reign’s fan base is growing rapidly. The 24-year-old is fast becoming a much sought-after artist in her own right,and also for featured collaborations amongst DJ/Producers worldwide. While building momentum via social media and featured collaborations, Reigns has been creating her unique blend of dusty, soulful blues and intoxicated pop. It is hard to liken her to any present female artist, as her original and infectious sound pulls in influences from the many classics that she was spoon fed as a child by her music loving father. Her music is bold, emotive, honest, and heart-wrenching, merging a classic soul flavor with a modern synthesized wall of sound. Her every emotion is exposed as she draws you in with her powerfully raw vocals and takes you on her own journey of heartbreak and self-discovery. Each song is carefully crafted and nurtured with her writing partner and producer Dee Adam (Dido, Kaiser Chiefs, Andreya Triana) and together they have created what they anticipate to be Reign’s debut album titled ‘Majesty.’

To find out more about Chris Nasty, go to:
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To find out more about Reigns, go to:
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify