The talented, California-based multi-instrumentalist announces the long-awaited arrival of his debut EP ‘Initiation’. Released independently on 7th May, this three-track EP is a unique and life-affirming showcase of live electronica with emotive grooves and deeper meanings, from a one-to-watch talent.

Multi-talented Los Angeles artist SANJAY unveils his debut three-track EP ‘Initiation’ today, 7th May. The self-released project has been a year in the making and is sure to prick the ears of alternative music fans everywhere with its transcendent vocals, wielding a powerful blend of live electronica, tribal rhythms and bohemian soul. Featuring new single ‘Passage’ and the formerly released ‘Dive’ (the video of which featured Hollywood actress Oona Chaplin) and ‘Electric Medicine’ (a favourite on Deezer South America’s ‘Las Favoritas del Editor’ playlist with over 6.5 million followers) SANJAY’s debut EP is true to his core ethos: Music is Medicine.

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The word ‘unique’ is often bandied about when introducing a new artist but with SANJAY it rings true. Born to Indian migrants, the musical journey of the now producer, engineer, guitarist, singer and DJ, began as a quest for freedom. SANJAY found artistic inspiration in ‘spiritual detours’ that led him to study indigenous wisdom and his lineage to the Rajasthan gypsies. These experiences prompted a deep inner transformation and a vision to create music which could inspire, liberate, and propel listeners into discovering the enormous power that resides within.

Now residing in the Joshua Tree desert in California, SANJAY’s eclectic and live electronica style can be traced back to him spinning deep, dancey sets on the playa at Burning Man, and learning acoustic guitar with the Gypsy Kings as they toured the world. With both a rock ‘n’ roll heart and an innate understanding of danceable beats, SANJAY is a resolutely original producer creating a style all of his own.

To categorise SANJAY’s debut EP ‘Initiation’ would be no mean feat – it is as genre spanning as it is intriguing. ‘Passage’ – the latest single to be released – radiates SANJAY’s bohemian soul alongside his desire to make people dance. His inspiring vocals come in over a rolling groove before the chunky beats drop, making this a danceable number. Quirky synths and a warm guitar, dotted with clever motifs and female vocals, really show off the producer’s talents. This one is crying out to be played in a live setting!

In SANJAY’s own words, he explains the origins of the track, “‘Passage’ takes a look into the moments when transformation happens, what I would call my ‘rite of passage’. The lyrical and sonic content touch on the powerful feelings we all share when we question ourselves but ultimately come out victorious.”

The ‘Initiation’ EP also includes SANJAY’s debut single, ‘Dive’. It is the perfect introduction to SANJAY with its blend of tribal rhythms, ‘shamanic house’ and an altogether deeply powerful sound. SANJAY used the release of ‘Dive’ to raise funding for a solar power project in the Huni Kuin people’s village in Acre, Brazil. The spiritual leader of the Huni Kuin, Ninawa Pai Da Mata, featured in the stunning video of ‘Dive’, shot in the Joshua Tree, alongside renowned actress and friend of SANJAY’s, Oona Chaplin (Game Of Thrones, Avatar).

The third track on the EP ‘Electric Medicine’ showcases SANJAY’s talents as a guitarist, front and centre. Again, with bohemian soul at its core, SANJAY’s vocal performance on this track, complete with harmonies, is a truly authentic one, resonating with a vision of togetherness and a style to soundtrack any idyllic moment.

To summarise this body of work, SANJAY said, “‘Initiation’ is a snapshot of my own Initiation. It’s about the process I went through to find my truth during a crossroads in my life, when music served as the medicine to see me through it. My three-part story is about going deep within, dealing with challenges, then celebrating the outcome. It feels incredible and liberating to share these songs with the world.”

This exceptional artist produces and performs everything on his productions from the ground up using analogue gear. It’s not every day that an artist this distinctive arrives with such a passionate and interesting debut. The ‘Initiation’ EP is for fans of all styles of music and if a sense of liberation comes along the way, SANJAY will have achieved what he set out to: #MusicIsMedicine.