VIZE & ALOTT ‘Prock House’ via Ultra Music.

VIZE and ALOTT are back, dropping their long awaited album, Prock House, via Ultra Music. VIZE and ALOTT’s most recent singles, “End of Slaphouse” and “Away,” were dropped earlier this year to mark the release of their debut album. A 12-track projectProck House aims to blend elements of rock with house music and bring this new genre to the scene – something which VIZE did with the popular genre slaphouse. Adding unique rock music touches throughout, VIZE and ALOTT add hypnotic vocal chops to “Arrival,” “Directions,” and “I’m Losing Myself,” whilst tracks like “End of  Slaphouse,” “Over You,” and “Zeitgeist” play with a cross pollination of synth structures to showcase the artists production skills. 

Listen to ‘Prock House’