TÓKE listens to his inner voice on ‘Own Lane’

Taken from new EP ‘The Art of Letting Go’ due out now via Munggu Tribe Records

Berlin based Indonesian soul-pop singer-songwriter TÓKE is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Own Lane’, lifted from the forthcoming 5-track EP ‘The Art of Letting Go’ out now through Munggu Tribe Records and is accompanied by a lush, verité style visual clip directed by Alex Kleis & Tóke.

‘Own Lane’ is an honest expression of self-determination, motivation and knowledge of self. Carrying traces of afrobeat, neo-dancehall and rap, the tune inspires to trust your own path, not needing approval from any outside source. He explains: “I wrote ‘Own Lane’ when I was tired of people’s opinions on my musical path. There was a time when I surrounded myself with bunch of people in order to get feedback, only moving if I received their approval. I lost the sense for my inner voice in that phase. Don’t get me wrong, feedback and input is important to grow, but only if you know yourself and know what you want. Otherwise it will mislead you and confuse your inner voice. So ‘Own Lane“’is me breaking free from that, learning to trust and love that inner voice.”

The concept of letting go is something that has been accompanying Tóke from his childhood growing up in Indonesia. “When I was nine years old I moved to a little village in Germany from one of the world’s largest capitals in Jakarta, Indonesia. So I learned from early on that life is all about adapting to changes. Within that process of adapting and accepting, letting go plays an essential role. You have to learn to let go of ideas, expectations, even people. I like the idea of seeing it as an art form worth mastering, one that builds our peace of mind on the long run.“

‘The Art Of Letting Go’ EP, produced by FLKS (Berlin) and Meekeska (Milan/Italy), is Tóke’s most mature body of work to date, presenting the Indonesian-German artist from a fresh sounding, more grown-up perspective. The multi-instrumentalist appears as a playful songwriter, presenting lyrics that are self-reflective, highly intricate and yet easily relatable. Over a span of five songs Tóke holds conversations about Self-Identity (Brown Face), Self-Confidence (Own Lane), the devastating complexity of having to flee home (The Sun Has Died), the crushing clarity of a hopeless relationship (Summer Lightning) or the tingling magic of a new romantic encounter (I Don’t Know). The remix for ‘Brown Face’ features heavyweight indonesian rappers Mario Zwinkle and Tuantigabelas.

Germany’s 3x Newcomer Of The Year, regular live shows on some of the genre’s biggest stages like Summerjam Festival (Cologne, Germany) and collaborations with Major Lazer’s own Walshy Fire have elevated him to the status of one of Europe’s most exciting newcomers in pop. Now he is continuing his creative evolution towards a distinct sound that is not restricted to one single genre, but rather an honest reflection of his intriguing, multi-faceted personality.