Jean Tonique remixes Zac Tenenbaum’s groovy hit “Just For The Night” featuring ilayda

Jean Tonique’s remix of Zac Tenenbaum’s sophomore single “Just For The Night” was released on May 7 via Embassy One.

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The French producer gives Zac’s already groovy hit a summery retro touch with hints of disco and funk. This remix perfectly kicks off summer in this strange year with its bouncy yet weightless beats fused with ilayda’s refreshing vocals.

Having released his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Well Mannered Frivolity’ in 2018, described by DJ Mag as ‘slickly produced’ and ‘irresistible’, Jean Tonique returned older and wiser with his sophomore album ‘sunny side up’. His focus is laying on raw, organic song-writing while still maintaining his affinity for French touch, house, 70s funk and hip-hop. Jean Tonique’s previous two EP’s released on Yuksek’s Partyfine label, set the benchmark for his imitable club sounds and remixes for Lana Del Rey, Outkast, The Kooks and more propelled him to the world stage. Early 2020, he returned to Partyfine and to the club vibes with ‘scrambled eggs’, a 3 tracks EP created using samples from his ‘sunny side up’ album.

When it comes to Zac Tenenbaum, the man behind the pseudonym is a songwriter, producer and remixer who first earned his spurs in Hip Hop some time ago, but has long since found a home in the field of electronic music. Tenenbaum lets his futuristic disco sound speak for itself and puts it into the glittering focus of his musical work. With ‘Just For The Night’, he presents his second single. For his debut single,  ‘Only Wanna Dance With You’, he teamed up with the Icelandic singer ÁSDÌS, however, Zac Tenenbaum got vocal support from Berlin for his latest track.

The only 18 years young singer/songwriter Ilayda Thober is known for intimate, calm piano moments and honest lyrics, which she intones with devotion. Her skills combined with Zac Tenenbaum‘s disco-Esque sounds in ‘Just For The Night‘ create an atmosphere of deeply felt melancholy and exuberant joyfulness while forming an acoustic light at the end of the wintery tunnel.

Born in Tijuana, raised in a Jewish orthodox community in Paris, Zac cut his teeth as an accordion player on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea.

Due to seasickness, he changed plans and started working as a pool boy in a Miami floor show.
After leaving his apprenticeship working under the famous Saul Sanchez, producing the worlds most luxurious Panama hats, Zac is bouncing onto the scene like a disco ball at a bar mitzvah.
Waterfalls of synths dripping flamingo tears into a well of appreciated glittery bass-lines.Frequencies too high for dogs to hear, sound-waves low enough to make your mamma cry, that’s the sound of Zac.

No more to say, Zac Tenenbaum is here to stay.