Depaart is back with ‘QMCP PT.1’

Spanish duo releases their first fractioned album

Depaart is back with a new EP after their first release in Diynamic Music last April. ‘QMCP Pt.1’ has been conceived as a fractioned album by the Spanish duo and it’s a reflection of these unexpected times in their studio. Carpe Diem, Quam Minimum Credula Postero, as stated by classic Horatio over 2000 years ago, gives a name to this project that transports us directly back to the dance floor ‘without any expectations from tomorrow’. Depaart unveils their purest sounds without any sort of limitations. It is released by their own label Depaart.

‘QMCP Pt.1’ opens up with a housy and energetic ‘Hell’, mixing stabs and arpeggios that could remind slightly of Chicago’s most classic sounds until their vocals step in to wrap it all up with a unique flavour.

Depaart – QMCP (Pt.1):

Then ‘LesLess’ comes in as the rare one. Quite minimalistic for the duo’s typical sound, this track has just one melodic element that builds up and down, followed by vibrant drums and beats. ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, someone said once. 

‘Bisp’ with hints of UK’s influence is the kinkiest track of this release. Sampling, bass and tons of percs merge in a single ecosystem designed once again for one thing: Dancing.

The closing comes with ‘Dreaming’, which takes us back to their original sound where their vocals come in at the front and arpeggios play along with it. Arguably the easiest track to recognise Depaart’s very own style. 

Keep an eye on these guys because there’s a second part expected before this 2021 of The Lord comes to an end. Depaart confirms that, even if we don’t expect much from tomorrow, we can start building hopes. Music to live the moment. Born to dance.