Soulwax Launches Deewee Teevee, audio-video broadcast

An audio & video broadcasting service by DEEWEE and Ill-Studio

Along with creative directors Ill-Studio, Soulwax’s David and Stephen Dewaele have created a post television television programme that only exists when being watched.

It is called DEEWEE TEEVEE.

Four episodes, four million packets of data. In just a few seconds – watch and listen all at the same time.

Live performances, interviews, animations, the sound of music, DEEWEE TEEVEE plays all the right notes – just not necessarily in the right order.

Foundations out now

Ep1 featuring live performances from James Righton and Movulango
Out today – watch 

Last week DEEWEE, the label from Grammy- nominated artists David & Stephen Dewaele AKA Soulwax/2manydjs, released Foundations. It’s their 50th release and first compilation album featuring 27 tracks including 3 brand new exclusive works*.

Today, DEEWEE announce DEEWEE TEEVEE. Visions from the past, present and future of DEEWEE were conceived, produced, and blended together in a series of 4 episodes. Episode one featuring a head to head interview with David and Stephen Dewaele and live performances from James Righton and Movulango is out today – watch here.

Ill-Studio and DEEWEE invited writers, directors, artists and friends such as IDEA Books’ David Owen, Steve Mackey & Douglas Hart, Bob Jeusette, Jorre Janssens, Malt Disney, and more collaborators from their extended family to join forces and create a new form of video programme ,where DEEWEE artists such as Charlotte AdigéryBolis Pupul or Asa Moto are interviewed next to interludes featuring Chloë Sevigny or skater Alex Olson.

Conceived and produced remotely across 6 different countries, DEEWEE TEEVEE provides a work around way of presenting unique performances and visual narratives at a time where music lovers’ crave for concerts or music- related gatherings of any kind hits it speak. Most of the series was filmed in the recording room of STUDIO DEEWEE, the building where almost every single track on the label’s new compilation FOUNDATIONS was produced and mixed.

DEEWEE TEEVEE meets our current time’s attention span: We jump from one idea to another, flipping between original segments, live performances and remixed archives, drifting across the many planes of the DEEWEE universe.

Foundations is out now, beautifully presented across triple LP and 2CD physical editions, along with digital format. You can order here. Listen to the DEEWEE studio playlist here.


Charlotte Adigéry – Bear With Me (and I’ll stand bare before you) *excl. track
Laima – Disco Pregnancy (Tonal + Rhythmical) ε
Each Other – Burn It Down
Bolis Pupul – Moon Theme ε
James Righton – Release Party *exclusive track
Die Verboten – Aquarius ε
Soulwax – Heaven Scent feat. Chloe Sevigny ε
EMS Synthi 100 – Movement 6 ε
Soulwax – Conditions of a Shared Belief
Soulwax – Close to Paradise
Asa Moto – Kifesh ε
Laila – The Other Me (DEEWEEDUB) ε
Asa Moto – Wanowan Efem ε
Charlotte Adigéry – Paténipat ε
Klanken – Drie
Phillipi – 9000 ε
Movulango – Leave *exclusive track
Laima – Home ε
Emmanuelle – Italove
Sworn Virgins – Take Your Lady ε
Phillipi & Rodrigo – Paciencia ε
Extra Credit – Drive Me ε
Bolis Pupul – Wéi? ε
Soulwax – Essential Eleven
Sworn Virgins – Fifty Dollar Bills ε
Phillipi & Rodrigo – Retrogrado
Future Sound Of Antwerp – Tom Cruise, Scientologist

ε = edited for this compilation