Chaney feat Laura Davie ‘Back To Me’ Toolroom

Swindon born and bred DJ and Producer Chaney (aka Theo Altieri) is making his way back  to Toolroom with his first release on the label this year: ‘Back To Me’ featuring the brilliantly talented  vocalist Laura Davie. Landing on the label at the beginning of the summer season, Chaney’s timing is  perfect with this one. Having previously released tracks on Stress, Loaded & Skint Records to name a  few, ‘Back To Me’ is Chaney’s latest single on Toolroom since 2020’s ‘Good For Me’ feat. Morixo. 

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Chaney really delivers the goods on ‘Back To Me’, an uplifting piano house banger full of everything  you’d expect from a Chaney release but with so much more. Feel good piano chords are backed by a  pumping bass line, layered with sharp strings sprinkled with a touch of disco magic that really brings  the record to life. The soft vocal cuts are the hook line and sinker with this track, chopped, reversed  and mangled into a catchy melody that pops throughout the record. Along with the voice of Laura  Davie who has featured on previous Toolroom releases such as Illyus & Barrientos Disco Hearts’  and Mark Knights If It’s Love’ with The Melody Men. Laura’s powerful vocals lift the track to a higher  state of being, ascending you and the music to a full-on euphoric moment. Together, Chaney & Laura  Davie have a sure-fire summer hit on their hands, and we can’t wait for you to hear it.