Haus of Fraser debuts tender affecting electronica on ‘Feeling Blue Since ‘1995’

Taken from debut EP ‘Same Ol’ Dance’ due 11th June via Norma Music

London based 26 year old electronic producer / DJ / musician Haus of Fraser is poised to announce his debut release with the arrival of ‘Feeling Blue Since 1995’, taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Same Ol Dance’ released 11th June through Norma Music.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from soul, jazz, deep house and ambient soundscapes, Haus of Fraser creates tender, affecting melodies fused with cloud like atmospheres and ethereal layers. He says: “This EP (Same Ol’ Dance) has been a long-awaited moment, a first step to improve my work ethic and step closer to something bigger than my bedroom. The single ‘Feeling Blue Since 1995’ is an honest and emotional 7 minutes journey, bringing you to a state of total liberation once you reach the last part of the track.”

Haus of Fraser experiments blending live instruments into his electronic productions. During the past few years Haus of Fraser has been seen playing regular nights at extravagant west-London LouLou’s nightclub, as well as bringing his funky flair all the way to sunny Ibiza at beach-bar Ashram.

For him making music is a necessity and it requires a serious amount of locking doors behind and eating crisps to survive. Active for a little over 10 years now, his most successful ideas haven’t come from being in a studio but from laying on his bedroom floor with his laptop or during 6-hour train rides down to Falmouth.

He comes from a very musical family who has inspired him in many ways and pushed him to look and listen to greater tastes and styles the music industry has to offer. His current musical journey is a confusing one, so many incredible sounds and scenes to admire, making it hard to define what’s right to pursue.

2021 is the year of discovery and redirection. Staying inspired by established house maestros such as Dam Swindle (ex Detroit Swindle) or funky-disco producer Hot Toddy, the London-based artist is now ready to gently unveil his talent.

‘Feeling Blue Since 1995’ is released on 14th May through Norma Music

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