Thousand Fingers channels 80s VHS aesthetic on ‘She Said’

Taken from new EP ‘She Said’ due 14th May via Follow The Fingers Records

London-based Turkish DJ / producer / musician Thousand Fingers is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘She Said’, lifted from the forthcoming EP due 14th May through Follow The Fingers Records.

The accompanying visualiser channels the spirit of 80s VHS aesthetic, fused with booming electro tinged bass-lines and retro-futurist melodies. Thousand Fingers says: “This release is inspired by difficult experiences with a few number of relationships, who were part of my life – it’s based on the idea that when mind does not meet with heart, drama comes in.”

The ‘She Said EP’ bridges the gap between indie and dance music, expanding on the exploratory deep house frameworks that the producer has dived into throughout 2020. Following a climactic introduction, title track ‘She Said’ drops into peak-time energy, as abrasive synths, processed samples and potent rhythms come together to produce the most propulsive track from Thousand Fingers to date.

Inspired by difficulties experienced in relationships and personal communication, the creation of the piece was a cathartic attempt to transform feeling into sound. The release of “She Said” is accompanied by a striking music video featuring psychedelic animations with a radical ‘80s VHS aesthetic. Moving into the EP’s second track, ‘Ten of Cups’ brings the pace down a notch for a mid- tempo slow burn that sees Thousand Fingers utilise an array of synthesisers to produce a sound palette like no other.

Expressing emotional complexity through his mastery of melody, Thousand Fingers alternates between melodies and sounds that are representative of varied states of mind, creating a sonic allegory that depicts a struggle to open up and truly connect with another. Recalling greats such as LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode and Hot Chip, Thousand Fingers’ latest EP proves that he’s not only a gifted producer of dance music, but a fully-fledged artist capable of creating music that’s grounded in concepts, stories and emotions.

He goes on to add: “Ten of Cups is about the feeling that you want to emotionally engage with someone, but something holds you back to open your heart and surrender.”

She Said EP is released 14th May 2021 on all major streaming platforms. The release will also be available with some exclusive content on NFT market.

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