Kattison “Adrenaline” ft. Will Matta Via Ultra Music

London-based DJ and producer Kattison is making his Ultra Music debut with new single “Adrenaline” featuring Will Matta, out today.

Making a huge comeback onto the music scene, “Adrenaline” marks Kattison’s first release since 2017. The track is very catchy, featuring a hypnotic beat and soulful vocals. The drop enters about a minute in, adding in more funky background beats that could definitely put you in a trance-like state of mind. “Adrenaline” is definitely one to add to your summer playlist, and hopefully you’ll hear it out in the clubs soon!

24-year-old London-based DJ and producer Kattison is back, and very excited for people to hear his music and know him better by name. Kattison claims to be a huge fan of artists like Archie Hamilton, Carl Craig, and Paleman, especially his early dubstep, stating that he somehow merges techno with old classic dubstep sounds, which Kattison can’t get enough of. After his debut release on the revered Greco-Roman, the young producer made his mark on the scene with his re-edit of Caribou’s “Second Chance.” His second official drop, the ‘End Our Sleep’ EP came through Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label in June of 2015 and showcased the beatsmith’s talent through three versatile cuts that that seamlessly weaved techno, jungle, hardcore and house. Since then, he’s released “High On You” and “Up and Down” in 2016, which had 3 remixes follow suit, and a 2-track EP with Parx, titled ‘Kattison & Parx,’ including tracks “Sunrise” and “Alright Now.” Now freshly signed to Ultra Records, Kattison is coming back full swing with “Adrenaline.” Expect to see more from Kattison, you won’t want to miss any of it!

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