Danyka “Toi”

French Canadian singer/songwriter Danyka‘s soft tones and endless melodies come from years of success as an EDM topliner under her full name Danyka Nadeau, achieving over 100m streams on Spotify alone. Debuting her solo R&B project via Toronto-based indie label Sadboy Records, she finds herself rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sabrina Claudio and H.E.R.

Stream “Toi” now on SoundCloud.

Danyka‘s sultry new single “Toi,” produced by Canadian platinum producer Chris Perry, blends romantic English/French lyrics over a chilled out happy R&B groove setting a summer vibe for a date night with bae. It captures the fun in those beginning stages of a relationship, where being with this person feels so new and exciting you can’t get enough and want to know if they feel the same.