Fabio Florido ‘Disenthrall – Balancing In The Digital Age’ LP

Fabio Florido revisits ambient terrain under his alias Disenthrall with a revelatory LP that’s unlike anything he’s created before. Produced earlier this year while Berlin was in full lockdown, motivation for his new meditative works came after a month-long period of being confined to his bed during the slow winter days. Fabio detached from the digital world, obtained peace through music and stillness, and immersed himself in a sound healing course to deepen his understanding of the power of sound. 

As a tool to create a space of quietude, Balancing In The Digital Age is sonically designed to shift moods and spawn new worlds with the six tracks spanning 18-minutes each. His fourth outing as Disenthrall through his label RUNA, this is his most organic work to date as he recorded live with shamanic instruments that he’d newly experimented with through the pandemic, such as the kochi bell, HAPI drum, kalimba, handpan and rain stick, as well as natural elements recorded from around his Berlin apartment.

After being bed-bound with severe back pain and spending a month recovering while reviving my creative focus with the course, I was straight in the studio channelling my emotions through the process of creating this LP. This was part two of the course and it went deeper into the use of frequencies and instruments, including the voice being an instrument itself – four of the tracks feature my voice. Completely new to me was the approach to the metrics with the tracks being nearly 20 minutes long, which I purposely did to create a sense of openness and ease, allowing the listener time to resonate with it and follow the rhythms in order to induce the most possible calming experience.”

Balancing In The Digital Age also takes its title from Fabio’s experience of reconnecting with the digital landscape and seeing that the world had taken a leap forward with the booming blockchain movement. Curious as to its possibilities, he waded in and connected with artists, one of whom is behind the LP’s vivid artwork. 

I wanted this LP to reflect that we live in a digital age, and we can’t tap out at this stage – it’s going to continue to evolve. But we must remember that as humans we evolved in nature, so I wanted to come through with the message that finding a balance between technology and nature is key to our wellbeing. Great technological progress must be matched by the same amount of spiritual progress.”

The Disenthrall alias was born after Fabio’s experiences participating in healing ceremonies and hosting a succession of his own, which saw him playing sessions of ambient and ancestral music. Encouraged to dig deeper into meditative sounds, Fabio would look to nature as a source of inspiration, with the result being organic and celestial compositions.

Launching his first imprint RUNA in 2020, the Berlin-based Italian producer who was predominantly known among techno circles introduced it as a platform for him to explore different facets of his musical creativity.