Richie Hawtin & Matthew Hawtin release collaborative NFT with innovative programmable art platform ASYNC ART

 is an NFT project combining brand new audio & visual art from the British-born, Canadian-raised brothers, Richie & Matthew Hawtin. Released on Monday 24th May on the groundbreaking NFT platform Async Art as part of their Wave II concept on Async Music, the blockchain-based platform that allows musicians to create a changeable menu of audio composites that allow multiple versions of a single song.

Artists upload all audio & visual variations, called Stem Layers, for a future owner to choose their favorite version and change the current live song, called Master Track, for everyone else to see and hear. In the example of the Hawtin collaboration, “Syntax [Two]” is made up of eight layers that can be combined in subtle but profound ways to create unique iterations.

An additional feature of Async Music technology is that there will also be a set of limited white label NFT’s which will also allow users to mint their own platinum, gold, silver editions of the current state of the master track, allowing more people to participate in the NFT version of “Syntax [Two]” and own unique versions.
The “Syntax [Two]” NFT project is part of the new F.U.S.E. EP “Syntax” which also features the more dancefloor focused “Syntax [One]” and will be released on streaming platforms on June 4. Uniting the traditional music world and the developing NFT eco-system, a second “remixed” version of Syntax [Two] will be released as part of the traditional EP release. “Syntax [Two] @username Async NFT mix” will be chosen from the current Master Track state one week after the sale of the Master and all layers and will appear on Spotify (and other streaming platforms) with the Canvas artwork depicting the visual state of the Master.  The layer owners will be the one in control of the final mix or state of this special version and the Master owner will be credited in the remixes title.

The release will see the Hawtin brothers revisit the seminal F.U.S.E. project to create “SYNTAX”. This once again finds the brothers looking forward into the future, exploring how interactive music and art will soon become commonplace in our lives.

Richie Hawtin & Matthew Hawtin state: “‘Syntax’ envisions a future where art is fully malleable and evolves as it enters the public space. Instilled with principles to govern each iteration, works will weave themselves into the fabric of our lives and continue to develop in our extended reality. Async is at the forefront of programmable layered digital artworks and we are proud to be part of their  innovation now in music and extended realities around music.”

Conlan Rios, Founder & CEO of Async Art, states: “For the first time in the history of music, we are providing musicians with a brand new toolset to democratize musical expression. We are creating an entirely new asset class that allows musicians to monetize their originals like a visual artist would.”

F.U.S.E. – “SYNTAX [TWO]” – NFT – is released on Monday May 24 exclusively via Async Art. F.U.S.E. – “SYNTAX” EP is released on streaming platforms from Friday June 4

ABOUT ASYNC ART: Async Art is a new art movement built on the blockchain. Create, collect, and trade programmable art and music: digital media split into “Layers”, which you can use to affect the overall image or song. Art and music that can evolve over time or react to its owners is now all possible with this innovative platform. Launched in February 2020, there has already been over $10M in bid volume and $3M in artist sales:
ABOUT RICHIE & MATTHEW HAWTIN: Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman is a world-leading electronic musician, DJ and technologist. He has performed at the Guggenheim (for Raf Simons) and the Grand Palais (for Anish Kapoor). He represents constant innovation.
Matthew Hawtin is a highly-regarded artist renowned for his Torqued Paintings series. He exhibits regularly at Art Basel and other world-leading art fairs. Both brothers have been releasing innovative NFTS over the last few months, on platforms such as Catalog and Open Sea, and have fully embraced the artistic potential of this new technology and its converging community.
Richie Hawtin created a trilogy of influential albums in the early 1990s, in his early 20s, under the abbreviation of Futuristic Underground Sound Experiments (F.U.S.E.). Titled “Dimension Intrusion”, “Train-Tracs”, “Computer Space”, the three long-form releases were innovative for pioneering electronic music but also for the visual work of Matthew Hawtin which reflected forward-thinking ideologies and virtual time and space. In 2019, the pair exhibited their combined works at a special F.U.S.E. audio-visual installation at London’s prestigious The Store X at 180 The Strand.

title F.U.S.E. – “SYNTAX [TWO]”
date 24th May, 2021, 9am PST / 6pm CET

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Prices and quantity for the release are set at:
Master Track – auction
Layers – auction
Platinum (3 available) – $3,000 each
Gold (10 available) – $1,000 each
Silver – 50 – $100 each

Both artists will appear on an Async hosted Clubhouse on release-day Monday at 10pm CET to mark the release.