New Firewoodisland EP “UNPLUGGED”

Firewoodisland are Bristol based Norwegian/Welsh songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri. Known  for their layered, emotive vocals, and a cinematic sound that perfectly balances organic with digital,  they create an atmospheric sound-scape that is moving yet striking. Labelling their sound ‘mountain  pop’ they combine the catchiness of pop with the sensibilities of indie, sprinkled with some organic  elements from folk. This week sees them release their new EP simply named “Unplugged”. 

The duo have been dropping singles from the “Unplugged” EP over the passed three months,  starting with fan favourite “Soldier” in February, new song “Gold” in March, and crowd pleaser  “Dearest Brother” in April. They are now tying those releases together into an EP including two  other tunes which can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music and all the other streaming platforms.

The two additional songs of the EP include their new song “Stranger” and an acoustic version of  “Hollow Coves” from Firewoodisland’s 2020 album. The EP lays out the bare bones of the different  songs, showing that the songwriting is strong and can stand as well in a very raw and open  production, as it can in a full Indie Pop production. Expect beauty and tranquility as you are lost in  a soundscape of raw piano, cello, trumpet, French horn, guitar and vocal harmonies. It is emotional  and hopeful, a balm for the soul. 

The duo say of the EP – “It’s been a pleasure to revisit these songs and breathe new life into them.  There are some songs that you can’t let go of, they morph and grow with you, and “Dearest  Brother” and “Soldier” in particular have been this for us. Since meeting our good friend Simon,  who plays some lovely cello with us, we began to realise the emotive and raw melodies and  structure to these two tunes. We played them live at a few shows in early 2020 with a new set up  and they were received so well, it birthed the idea of an acoustic EP. So we are excited to release  “Unplugged” to the world. We also had a couple of songs (“Gold” and “Stranger”) which never  quite fit into the sound we had in mind for the last album and future albums, but they were a shame  to not release, and they were a perfect fit for an acoustic EP.” 

With previous support from Clash Mag, Wonderland, Atwood Mag, BBC 6 Music, BBC 2,  Norway’s NRK P3, as well as seeing music in TV series like Net ix Shadowhunter, Global TV’s  NURSES and several MTV shows, the duo is building an exciting name to watch. The end of 2020  also saw Firewoodisland releasing a delicate rendition of Alphaville’s Forever Young with backing 

from Warner Music UK, featured in an Airbnb advert it the US and Canada, the cover made it to the  Top 100 most Shazamed tracks in the whole of the US.  

What started as a solo project quickly became the joint creative project of artists, multi instrumentalists and songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri. Hailing from a windswept west coast  island of Norway, Stian met Abi after moving to Cardiff to study for a masters in music production.  Abi was, at the time, studying illustration, and the two paired up to form the band. Their latest  sophomore album (2020) was a turning point for Firewoodisland, as the duo finally felt at home  creatively. With all audio and visual being created in their own home, you encounter a little piece of  their soul when you experience Firewoodisland’s work.  


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