Emerging Artist, Taylor Felt Releases Debut Track + Music Video “Once In A Blue Moon”

After over a year of quarantine, 20 year old pop singer, Taylor Felt, is eager to have a “Once In A Blue Moon” experience in her debut track and video. Years of dedication, countless sacrifices, passion and hard work has led Taylor to where she is today.

The “Once In A Blue Moon” video finds Taylor trying to decide on a constant weekend dilemma. Is she going out with friends or staying in to continue writing music and playing guitar in her room. Despite her best efforts, her friends come over to consume and distract her away from the waterfall of song ideas that keep flowing into Taylor’s mind. Taylor enjoys the moment by taking polaroid’s and playing cards with her friends. As they are leaving her reality shifts, the walls around her collapse to reveal a representation of her creative landscape, a mountain top with a rising blue moon. Taylor waves her friends off to go and enjoy the night as she stays back to finish writing her song. Elated with her decision, she knows she will eventually go out and do something Once In A Blue Moon, but tonight creating a new song under the blue moon was exactly where she needed to be.

Check out the video here:

“Once In A Blue Moon started out as a phrase in my notebook that I’ve had written down for years. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something that you would rarely do. It’s letting your hair down and living by your own rules. After a year of staying home, the urge to do something Once In A Blue Moon is even greater.”– Taylor Felt

Taylor Felt is a 20 year old pop singer, songwriter, and musician, who has been working incredibly hard at her craft from a young age. Taylor’s sound is Pop, with an R&B influence and lyrics that give a peek into her mind. A truly timeless talent. 

Understanding the power of social media, Taylor has organically grown an audience of 3.5M+ and epitomizes what it means to use today’s platforms to your advantage. 

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