On the heels of “Cry” and the viral resurgence of her “Bambola” mega-debut, Betta Lemme is undoubtedly carving out her own signature of electronic-tinged pop music. Today, the international sensation delivers another hit with witty love song “Ce Soir” out now via Ultra Music—a sneak peak to a larger body of work to come later this year.


There’s something about the way Betta Lemme effortlessly layers introspective lyricism over beats you can dance and cry to that has critics raving around the globe, from Cosmopolitan (Italy) and ELLE (France) to NYLON, PAPER, among others in the US. Tenaciously diving into the industry despite a music school rejection, the trilingual singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has never backed down. Since co-writing and lending vocals on Sofi Tukker’s “Awoo” and releasing her first track in 2018, the rising star has cemented herself as a visionary with no bounds—blending genres and pulling from classical composition to Europop and creating club-friendly bangers that examine the human condition and our most intimate thoughts.

On her new single “Ce Soir”—co-written and co-produced with STOLAR (Aloe Blacc, Trevor Daniel, Selena Gomez)—the Canadian act does not disappoint. In just two minutes, Betta Lemme invites you into her daydreams about a distant partner as she longs for connection. In this time alone, she’s reminded that the real luxury is being wrapped in the arms of a loved one. Zoom calls and retail therapy just can’t compete. “What’s love if you’re not here with me, ce soir?” she wistfully croons, facing the facts of her reality.

“I’ve been spending this never-ending lockdown in Montreal with some serious curfews for the past year and a half. At one point when shops opened up, I wanted to give myself a little gift for surviving both this lockdown and myself simultaneously. So I bought these glittery Gucci socks that made wearing tracksuits in the house all week a little less mundane. As it turns out, materialism wasn’t doing the trick. On a night where crying seemed like my newfound and mastered hobby, and overthinking became my full time job, I pretended this little Gucci box was my friend and asked her if she could ‘flip this frown.’ In that moment, material goods became insignificant, a thing I’ve known all along,” explains Betta Lemme, “This song is about letting those daydreams free and realizing that the only thing that will bring meaning to these things is enjoying them with the one you love. I wanted to have fun with loneliness and remind myself that some of the lowest points always bring us the perspective that we need.”

Betta Lemme’s musical journey started at the early age of two when she sat down at her grandmother’s piano and performed the Addams Family theme, complete with fingersnaps and her own unique flair. “Piano was always my friend,” says Betta Lemme. “Nothing else was for sure in life—maybe I’d fail math every year, but I could always play piano.” Going against the grain from the start, Betta was self-taught on instinct alone. She tried to learn to read music but found that the notes “all looked like ants dancing on a piece of paper.” Despite her natural talent, her inability to read music ultimately led to her rejection from the music conservatory of her dreams. While this rejection motivated a year long break from piano, it catapulted her to where she needed to be to truly jump start her career.

Betta Lemme packed her bags and moved to New York fearlessly, without knowing a soul there. A coincidental meeting with Grammy-nominated duo Sofi Tukker led to their collaborative project “Awoo” which Betta co-wrote and lended vocals to in 2017. Following this release, Betta Lemme teamed up with songwriter Rick Markowitz (Allison Ponthier, Krewella, Melanie Martinez) and Scott Harris (Dua Lipa, Julia Michaels, Shawn Mendes)—together they brought her debut single to life. “Bambola” became an instant hit amassing 68 million streams to date and counting. The modern rendition of Patty Pravo’s “La Bambola” impressed all around the world—landing at #1 in Israel, #4 in Italy, and #50 Worldwide on the radio charts in 2018, and transforming Betta Lemme into a true international phenomenon. The song climbed back onto the charts following an epic sync placement on Netflix’s number one film ‘To All The Boys: Always And Forever’ in 2021.

No one-hit wonder, Betta Lemme upholds an undeniable track record with her Bambola EP released in 2018 and several singles to follow such as “Give It” and “Kick the Door.” While Betta’s aim is to deliver certified-bops for you to dance and cry to, a purposeful equivocality is always present in her work. When shelter-in-place orders hit in March of 2020, Betta Lemme put pen to paper and channeled her deep frustration around the ongoing pandemic. The result was “I’M BORED” co-produced with Jonas Jeberg (Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Hayley Kiyoko, Bebe Rexha, Panic At The Disco’s “High Hopes”). Betta flipped her usual dance party script on the track and urged everyone to stay home to do their civic duty in their pajamas. You’ll also find dual intricacies in her 2019 club hit “Play” co-written with Jesse Saint John (Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Kim Petras) and Danny L Harle (Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, Clairo). At face value, PAPER dubbed the track “the sexy, sinister lovechild of the Vengaboys, Britney Spears, and Benny Benassi.” However in her interview with the magazine, Betta Lemme notes, “The world is in peril. People are forgetting how to genuinely connect with each other… Imagine if the world displayed more inclusive behavior – the happiness would be contagious.” Late last year, the hitmaker dropped “Mommy” co-produced with Danny L Harle (Carly Rae Jepsen, Charli XCX, Clairo) to challenge the stereotypes women face around aging. Through its sarcastic demeanour and unpredictable guitar solo, “Mommy” inspires women to get what they want and to never feel ashamed for it. Betta Lemme followed up with “Cry” as her 2021 return. The song serves as an anthem of resilience and empowers you to find strength in your tears while also tackling the stigma around crying as a sign of weakness.

Every Betta Lemme song is a movie, or at least part of a movie, a scene set for supreme drama and impetuous romance and sometimes a little lovely tragedy. With her opulent sense of melody, the singer-songwriter dreams up dance music that not only elicits beautiful movement, but builds entire worlds inside your mind. Each of her forthcoming songs are sprung from an elaborate dreamworld where her icons are her closest companions, all designated an essential role—Freddie Mercury is her father, Gaga’s her older sister, Liberace’s her decorator, etc. When sculpting a new song, she often chooses two disparate artists and envisions their unlikely offspring (e.g., the musical baby of Britney Spears and Nine Inch Nails). Other times, Betta imagines songs as soundtracks to very specific movie moments, such as a dance-track-in-the-works she conceptualized as a Quentin Tarantino fight scene. A trilingual artist of Italian descent, Betta performs in Italian, French, and English, threading her vocals through a lavishly textured sound that echoes her eclectic obsessions: orchestral pop from the ’60s, dance music from the ’90s, David Bowie, Missy Elliott, and Burt Bacharach.

With her unparalleled approach, Betta Lemme is one to watch and a force to be reckoned with.