Spirit Bomb Releases First Compilation EP,Spirit Bomb 001

Spirit Bomb’s Virtual Artists Collaborate with Sweater Beats, Huxley Anne, Mr. Carmack, & Salva

Mr. Carmack x LV4 NFT Collaboration Live Now

The line between our physical and digital world has been blurred more than ever these past 12 months; a maelstrom of live streams, virtual meetings and frenetic blockchain activity. We are living out our dystopian futures in the present, a fitting context for the debut compilation EP from Spirit Bomb, the world’s first entirely virtual artist record label.

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As its digital tendrils extend deeper into our physical realm, the Spirit Bomb universe has enveloped some of contemporary music’s top producers, enabling them to wander the uncanny valley hand in hand with their virtual counterparts on Spirit Bomb 001. 

Spirit Bomb 001 sees Spirit Bomb entity DET join world-renowned producer Sweater Beats for the EP’s first single ‘Future Eyes’ out now. The EP also sees the sonic debut from newly minted Spirit Bomb character LV4, as they team up with bass music legend Mr. Carmack, as well as new music from revolutionary leader IZI and future house legend Salva.

Spirit Bomb 001 explores a dynamic range of electronica that serves up a soundtrack to future times. IZI and Salva’s emotive broken beat low end on ‘Hurt U’,  Mr. Carmack and LV4 deliver a distorted bass heavy interlude on ‘Run It’, which stands in contrast to the guitar riffs and soaring vocals of Future Eyes’ dystopian pop. DET’s and Huxely Anne’s skittering dubstep rounds out the comp with ‘We Heavy’.

Spirit Bomb is slated to release a set of bespoke NFT creations for each character and single on Spirit Bomb 001. Spirit Bomb’s debut NFT featuring XEN sold for $4,058/2.20ETH earlier this month, with all proceeds benefiting the Asian American Feminist Collective, Open Earth Foundation, and Offsetra. NFTs will be available via Foundation and on Today, they release an NFT between Mr. Carmack and LV4. Auction live now here via Foundation.

Spirit Bomb is brought to you by Strangeloop Studios, the LA-based creative visionaries behind the visuals of music’s most recognizable talents. They’ve produced bespoke creative works for the likes of international superstars the Weeknd, Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu, SZA, and many more. 

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